The Caribbean’s Little Italy

At Los Roques, off Venezuela, you can have an island all to yourself Article appeared in the Ottawa Citizen When Spanish explorers arrived at Lake Maracaibo in what is now Venezuela, the natives were living in huts on stilts and using boats shaped like gondolas, which reminded the Spaniards of Venice. They promptly called the … Read more

Spending time on the road at Christmas

Holiday season in Honduras means fireworks and Fanta. Article appeared in the Toronto Star LA ENTRADA, HONDURAS – “Feliz Navidad!” cried the 5-year-old girl in the white party dress, cackling with delight each time a firecracker went off. “Buena, muchacha!” her parents praised her as they handed her another firecracker, beaming proudly. We arrived in … Read more

Unexpected hospitality on Patagonian Route 66

My friend and I hadn’t seen a person, restaurante, bar, fruit stand, farm, or even a tree for 100 km. No jeering-cheering locals packed 10 to a pick-up truck for company here. No weeds, no insects, only dust devils. The birds flew so high they were barely visible; they had no reason to stop. The … Read more